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    With Flow the new CMS Neos has a solid foundation on the server side.

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    The TYPO3 community is growing in numbers since years and globally active.

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    The Neos Team is working hard to present a CMS made for the future.

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  • Built on Flow

    The Enterprise PHP Framework

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  • By a great team

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TYPO3 NEOS Demo Site - powered by jweiland.net

This is the TYPO3 Neos demo website. It's there to let you experiment with the features TYPO3 Neos already provides in this alpha stage.

This test site is hosted in a regular TYPO3 Hosting Package from jweiland.net         

If you want to change content, go to the NEOS Backend and log-in as neos with password test

Please note, that this demo site will be reset to its original state at the beginning of each full hour - so any content you may add will be lost.

For questions about this NEOS installation please send an e-mail to hosting (at) jweiland.net